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In-Store Financing

It means we don’t go through any banks or finance companies. WE ARE THE BANK.
What this means for you. We work with people. It’s that Simple!

•    No Credit -    No Problem
•    Bad Credit -    No Problem
•    Bankruptcy -     No Problem
•    Get paid cash-    No Problem  

We know that every customer’s situation is different so each application is personally analyzed by one of the owners. We take the time to understand the history of the individual, we understand that “Life Happens” and that just because somebody may have hit a few financial bumps along the way doesn’t mean that there not credit worthy.

Credit limits and down payments will be determined by income, employment and credit history.

Down payments start at 30%. The down payment could go up or could go down based on income, employment and credit history.
We do not deny anyone from opening up an account.

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